Application Notes for Specific Vehicles:
  1. Minor Trimming of the Air dam is required*
  2. Excludes Silverado S.S. models
  3. Tow hooks must be removed
  4. 2004 Models are Heritage Edition only
  5. Filler panel must be removed (if equipped)
  6. Minor Trimming of the air dam may be required on 2WD models*
  7. On vehicles without tow hooks, minor trimming of air dam is required*
  8. Minor trimming of lower air dam may be required*
  9. If equipped with tow hooks, they must be removed to complete installation
  10. If equipped with plastic shroud, it must be removed to complete installation
  11. Skid Plate must be removed, if equipped
  12. Excludes Power Wagon Package
  13. Excludes Hemi-Sport Model
  14. Minor trimming of tow hook pockets required
  15. Excludes STX models
  16. Excludes Harley Davidson Edition
  17. Excludes Daytona/Rumble Bee and SRT-10 Models
*(The 2" Safari Bar does not require trimming.)